Paul Hexter

Paul Hexter

As the President of Waterfront Shipping, a subsidiary of Methanex Corporation, Paul Hexter manages the world's largest fleet of methanol tankers and is responsible for commercial and operational leadership as well as the renewal and expansion of the Waterfront Shipping fleet.
Mr. Hexter has been with Waterfront Shipping for over 20 years and has served in the role of President since 2017. He is most proud of the leadership role that Waterfront Shipping and Methanex have played in developing methanol as a cleaner-burning alternative marine fuel and for the team's commitment to making improvements to the conditions and environment on board our fleet. Mr. Hexter is an active member of the BC Chamber of Shipping and a supporter of the Mission for Seafarers, a global network of centres offering a warm and hospitable ‘home away from home’ to visiting ship's crew. He also teaches a tanker chartering module as part of a Business of Shipping course to other shipping professionals in Vancouver, BC.

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