Paivi Brunou

Paivi Brunou

In an industry that is going through a digitalisation metamorphosis, Päivi Brunou brings a pragmatic and holistic approach to maritime cyber security at Wärtsilä Voyage. The marine technology company is at the forefront of building a Smart Marine Ecosystem, which demands high levels of digital connectivity and data exchange, and where cybersecurity can no longer be an afterthought. Päivi ensures that, through security and privacy engineering activities, cyber security and resiliency for IT and OT are built into solutions.  She helps development teams to reduce risk and leverage opportunities by coaching people, adjusting tools, processes, and methods for context-fit solutions. She works closely with internal and external stakeholders in creating a collective understanding and getting all hands on the deck. As an avid networker, curious engineer who is determined to learn something new every day, Päivi is contributing to creation of industry standards, studying for Masters in Autonomous Maritime Operations, and enjoys her WISTA network. Päivi is also a member of The Operational Technology Cyber Security Alliance, ENISA Ad Hoc Expert group on Awareness Raising and is serving her second term as a member of Singapore Shipping Association cyber security sub-committee. Outside work, Päivi likes to spend her time in nature, and if the weather doesn’t permit it, it’s museums, books, and coffee.

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Career Paths: Päivi Brunou, Wärtsilä Voyage 

Mrs Päivi Brunou, Head of Cyber Security Technology, Wärtsilä Voyage, advises us to be open to new opportunities and keep up with new thing and trends. Sharing her career story, she explains how her studies led her to maritime industry and her current position in which she focuses on helping the teams to understand cyber security risks and opportunities and she encourages us to share the stories and lessons learned with regards to cyber security to stay better protected.

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