Kuba Szymanski

Kuba Szymanski

Captain Kuba Szymanski is Secretary General of the International Ship Managers’ Association. Formerly, he was a Merchant Navy officer, including Ship’s Command, as well as a Marine, Safety and Quality Superintendent. He was also a tutor at the International Business School, Isle of Man, UK, where he taught management of change, risk management, organisational waste, critical equipment and time and information management.

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InterManager: Putting a stop to ‘blame culture’ within maritime industry is vital

Although we are seeing improvement with enclosed space accidents, complex instructions, time pressure, poor design, poor communication and the prevailing blame culture are key factors for caution by the industry. In that regard, Capt. Kuba Szymanski, InterManager highlights that is high time to stop blaming seafarers when an accident happens; instead of asking ‘how’, let’s start questioning about the reasons behind, ‘why’.

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