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Jenny Braat

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Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021: Jenny Braat, Danish Maritime

We have asked Mrs. Jenny Braat, CEO, Danish Maritime, to make an assessment of 2020 from her perspective and share her message for the new year across the global community. Among others, she highlights that there is need for more level playing fields across the world, becoming more ambitious regarding the transition from black to green shipping.

Key Sustainability Challenges for the Maritime Industry

Danish Maritime sees sustainability challenges for the maritime sector as commercial rather than technical. Solutions are available either in the market or as proven pilot projects, but wide implementation is lagging due to split incentives and delays in legislation, argues Jenny Braat. 

Career Paths: Jenny N. Braat, Danish Maritime

Mrs Braat advises us to identify which education really suits to each individual to accomplish much more and avoid making decisions without thinking about the future. For  the maritime industry, she would like to see a change in perception; collaboration and responsibility are needed toward industry’s rapid developments. 

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