Eleni Polychronopoulou

Eleni Polychronopoulou

Eleni Polychronopoulou is President & CEO of METIS Cyberspace Technology SA, an industry leader in data acquisition, real-time performance monitoring and intelligent analytics. Based on individual ship behaviour and specific cargo characteristics, data driven and AI-powered performance evaluation and predictive analysis from METIS is used by shipping companies worldwide.

Eleni also holds the positions of Executive VP of EPE (Environmental Protection Engineering SA), Business Development Manager for BWTS manufacturer ERMA FIRST ESK ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS SA and oneTANK Llc., and Director of RWO - a leader in water and treatment solutions.

She is President of HEMEXPO (Hellenic Marine Equipment Manufacturers & Exporters) and Vice Chair of Sea Europe - which represents European shipbuilding and marine equipment associations across 16 countries.

Eleni Polychronopoulou has attended IMO committee meetings as part of the Greek Delegation and is a former representative to EUROSHORE and the European Association for Co-Processing (EUCOPRO), and a former board member of the Hellenic Institute of Marine Technology (HIMT) and the Association of Environmental Protection Companies of Greece (PASEPPE). She is an active member of WISTA (Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association) and the Piraeus Propeller Club.

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