Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Dimitrios Ioannis Kalfas

Dimitrios Ioannis Kalfas

Dimitris holds a Diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering by National Technical University of Athens NTUA. Before joining ARGO NAVIS, he has worked in a major engineering firm in the Oil & Gas sector as a junior project engineer. He has joined Argo Navis in 2016 and has been involved in numerus engineering studies for BWTS retrofits. Currently he is one of the Engineering team leaders of the firm. During this time he has gained experience with most of the major BWTS makers. Dimitris has been also the supervising engineer in three BWTS installations in China, Malaysia and Romania.

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The retrofit bottleneck

During the 2019 SAFETY4SEA Conference, Mr. Dimitrios Ioannis Kalfas, Engineering Team Leader, Argo Navis, insisted on proper and timely planning for a BWTS or a scrubber retrofit as the best way to deal with the developing industry bottleneck. He also outlined a series of retrofit Pain Points which can set calendars back during planning, such as class approval, owner supplied items, yards and transportation of equipment.

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