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Christophe Tytgat

Christophe Tytgat

On 1 March 2016, Christophe Tytgat was appointed as Secretary General of SEA Europe – the Shipyards’ and Maritime Equipment Association of Europe. SEA Europe defends the interests of the civil and naval shipyards as well as maritime equipment industries in Europe, Norway, and Turkey. Through its sister- association CESA, SEA Europe defends these interests also in the IMO.
In his capacity of Secretary General, Christophe has been board member of the research association “Vessels for the Future” and of the “Waterborne Technology Platform”. He currently is a delegate in the EESC CCMI.
Before joining SEA Europe/CESA, Christophe has worked for about 15 years in various positions in the European Community Shipowners’ Associations
(ECSA) and, before that, he has worked for about three years in the Belgian federal administration, first with the Foreign Affairs Office and then with the Maritime Transport Administration.
Christophe holds degrees in Law, International Relations and East-European Studies from the University of Leuven and a degree in International and European Law from the University of Brussels. He also followed management courses.
Christophe is a Belgian citizen. He speaks Dutch (native language), French and English and has knowledge of German, Italian and Russian. He is married with two daughters.

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