Bev Mackenzie

Bev Mackenzie

With a PhD in physical oceanography, expertise in evidence-based policy and a focus on how marine science can be used for public benefit, supporting the blue economy, Bev Mackenzie brings a wealth of Board-level and international experience to her position as a Trustee of PML.

She is the London representative of BIMCO, working with its marine environment team on issues such as microplastics, biofouling and ballast water – all of which are key service areas for PML Applications Ltd.

More broadly, she continues to support and promote PML’s role on the global stage through her work across the United Nations system including the International Maritime Organization and other specialised UN agencies.

Bev is a Fellow of IMarEST and the Marine Biological Association, a Chartered Marine Scientist and Chartered Scientist and has been a Trustee of the Science Council, as well as Chair of its Governance Sub-Committee.

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