In fact "Seafarer Connect" will deliver 100 GB of connectivity, while seafarers will be benefited with a 4G signal, by using their personal laptops or mobile phones.

In case providers upgrade their existing systems, the signal is further expected to be upgraded to 5G.

Moreover, the project was an idea of Tas Bull Seafarers Foundation (TBSF) and responsible for its establishment was the Telstra Business and Technology Centre in Sydney.

According to the project's manager, "Seafarer Connect" is not difficult to use, as it involves new technology methods, where a portable router is plugged into the vessel's power spreading WiFi signal allover the ship's accommodation areas.

This is simply a modern-day requirement that most of us take for granted. It will mean that when a ship ties up and the router is installed, crew members will be able to connect with their families and loved ones free of cost and without the hassle of going ashore of finding a shore side facility.

...TBSF chair Robert Coombs said.

At the moment, all the vital operators in Port Botany except one, have joined into the new project but following negotiations will might bring all the operators onboard.

This is an important tool in ensuring the proper welfare of seafarers who often spend months at sea, and long periods away from home.

...ITF President Paddy Crumlin concluded.

Overall, facing seafarers' isolation is a crucial issue which shipping industry has to manage, as advancing internet access has proved to be beneficial to seafarer's mental health.