To achieve this goal, Ports of Auckland cooperated with Enviro-Mark Solutions and are using the Certified Emissions Measurement and Reduction Scheme (CEMARS) in order to measure and manage the greenhouse gas emissions.

Ports of Auckland is the first port in New Zealand to become a CEMARS certified organisation.

Furthermore, the company has measured the direct and indirect emissions associated with its business, but not those produced by third parties, for example ships, trucks and trains which come to the port. These will be enabled at a later stage.

To reduce the CO2 emissions, Ports of Auckland created an Emissions Management & Reduction Plan which sets out the projects and interim targets that will enable the delivery of the long term goal of a zero emissions port by 2040.

Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson said: "This is a big step for us. It is easy to set goals, but another thing to actually start delivering. We are now in a position to deliver. We know the scale of the challenge and we have a clear plan and achievable milestones to tackle it. This is the first initiative of many and we look forward to announcing more work in this area in the near future."​