ASA added that Asia is one of the key arenas for ship recycling, building and operations. For this reason it is important that China and India ratify the Hong Kong Convention, in order to make a big step towards ensuring the necessary conditions for the protection of the global environment.

What is more, the enactment of the Convention will lead to an increase of compliant yards available in the world.


What is more, commenting on the fact that most of ocean-going vessels are constructed in Asia and return to the continent at the end of their life, ASA highlighted that it will attempt to motivate ship recycling associations in South Asia.

It will also try to encourage enhancement of ship recycling and operational standards to reach the ratification of the Convention as soon as possible.

In addition, earlier this month, IMO Secretary-General Kitack Lim urged Member States who have not yet ratified the Convention, to do so, in order to bring it into force as soon as possible.

Secretary-General Lim highlighted the work already done by IMO to establish guidelines to help in implementation, with various awareness-raising workshops, training and other similar projects, These help build capacity in ship recycling countries and establish the conditions that will enable those which have not yet done so, to ratify or accede to the Convention.

Twelve contracting States party to the Convention now represent more than 28.8% of world merchant shipping tonnage.

The Convention regards the design, construction, operation and maintenance of ships, and preparation for ship recycling in order to facilitate safe and environmentally sound recycling, without compromising the safety and operational efficiency of ships.