Aims to develop a commercial solution for the recycling of ships

2010.09.02-bimco.jpgFollowing the adoption of a new "green" ship recycling contract by BIMCO's Documentary Committee in Vancouver on 6 June, Documentary Officer Mr. Wayne Zhuang has been invited to introduce the new form at the 3rd Asia Shipping Recycling &SNP Summit in Shanghai from 30th June to 1st July.

This is a tremendous opportunity for BIMCO to explain to the Asian sector of the industry the thinking behind this initiative to develop a commercial solution for the recycling of ships in an environmentally responsible manner prior to the coming into force of the Hong Kong Convention.

Mr. Zhuang will also take the opportunity at the Conference to provide an update on the current revision of the internationally used contract for the sale of second hand vessels, SALEFORM 93.

Close consultation with the industry prior to the revision revealed a need for a modest revision of the agreement to incorporate commonly made amendments and to add greater clarity to some of the provisions. The project is now close to completion and those attending the Conference will be able to hear first-hand about the proposed amendments to this important document.

Source: BIMCO