Specifically, ships have a legal duty and responsibility to assist those in distress at sea and onboard, meaning the responsibility to transmit stowaways and refugees to a safe place and an obligation to provide assistance to other vessels in distress, when they are the nearest vessel. Then, the vessel has to deliver any crew or passengers in need for medical care to the nearest port.

The Club comments that all the above actions disrupt and delay the vessels work.

In light of a vessel's voyage being disrupted, the Club published some common Q&As, to better assist those interested.

  • What risks can I protect myself from?

Any delay to the entered vessel arising from a disruption to its journey as a result of rescuing refugees at sea, delivering stowaways to the nearest port that will accept them, and going to the aid of a vessel in distress and delivering any crew or passengers in need of medical care to the nearest port.

  • Who buys the cover?

Anyone with an interest in a vessel looking to protect their income and revenue stream from the effects of delay arising from dealing with stowaways, rescuing refugees or saving lives at sea.

  • How does it work?

Available with a 1 day deductible, subject to a limit of up to 20 days.

Moreover, a scenario presented at the bulletin is based on saving a life at sea:

The entered ship was on her way from Haifa to New York when the master received a message from The Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre of Malta to assist a fishing boat in distress with migrants on board. The ship successfully carried out a rescue operation and 207 persons were saved. The master was instructed to proceed to Sicily to disembark the refugees. When the ship reached the designated port, the authorities were unable to deal with the migrants and the ship was directed to an alternative port where the migrants were finally disembarked.

The time lost was 4 days.

Daily entered sum: $9,000

Recoverable?: Yes. Rule 10(a)[ix]: Stowaways – “stowaways on board, rescuing refugees or saving of life at sea by the entered ship”.

Amount: $27,000

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