Credit: Nautilus

The Norwegian firm 'Lade' has developed this concept car carrier, whose specially-shaped 'symmetrical airfoil' hull would harness the wind to achieve fuel savings of up to 60% over conventional vessels.





The Russian floating nuclear reactor Akademik Lomonosov.





The Italian-flagged ro-ro containership Grande Benin





Problems with visibility from the hemispherical wheelhouse of the car carrier City of Rotterdam were highlighted in a Marine Accident Investigation Branch report on a collision in the Humber in 2015.







The stern of the 153,516gt MSC Seaside, which also features a glass-bottomed walkway – 'Bridge of Sighs' – a multi-deck atrium, and an open-air 'Forest Adventure Park'.






The livestock carrier Awassi Express

The 26,000 cu m floating storage and reclassification unit Karunia Dewata, delivered to the Indonesian operator Jaya Samudra Karunia in December 2018.





The 540TEU Japanese feeder containership Natori was described by its owners, Imoto Lines, as 'an experiment in energy saving'. 






The Norwegian Epic has been described as the 'ugly duckling' of the cruise industry, with a 'protruding Frankenstein's monster forehead' and a superstructure 'like a stack of Lego blocks'.

The Dutch-flagged general cargoship Oceanic maximises cargo-carrying capacity and minimises accommodation.