Commonly, the terminal has been conducting container operations, and decided to handle ro-ro cargo in March 2018 when the terminal acknowledged that many of its facilities, skills and experience from the container sector were transferrable.

Fernando Klein, Operations Manager at APM Terminals Itajai commented

After four months of negotiation and tests, the terminal proved that its operational excellence could be transferred to Ro-Ro operations.

The vehicles, when unloaded by the ship, were transmitted to a specific area of the terminal for inspection and secure storage before onward transportation.

In light of the port's success, APM Terminals Itajai inked a contract in 2018 with global automotive company, General Motors, for vehicles imported from Argentina, México and the United States.

As Diego Gelain, Sales Executive at APM Terminals Itajai explained

With the experience gained over the last year, our process of continuous improvement, and outstanding levels of efficiency, safety and damage control, we plan to approach other automotive manufacturers.

Located in the Port of Itajai, Brazil’s second largest container port, the terminal is strategically located to supply the South and Southeast of the country, home to its largest concentration of consumer markets. With this move, APM Terminals Itajai is also bringing vehicle cargo operations back to the Port, which offered Ro-Ro operations as recently as the late 90s and early 2000s.

Concerning ro-ro operations, UK MAIB issued a bulletin of the dangers posed to freight vehicle drivers who remain in their vehicle cabs while on board Ro-Ro ferries at sea.