Specifically, two AMSA officers attended the trawler "K-Vern" to inspect the vessel and talk with the crew.

In light of the situation, AMSA’s Manager of Operations North, Greg Witherall commented:

While it's too early to go into the details of this investigation, there is an important safety message that needs to be heard. The person who went overboard was not wearing a lifejacket.

Although the vessel's personnel did everything they could to save their colleague, such as throwing flotation devices into the water and immediately turning the boat around to search for him, it was not enough.

What we know from similar incidents, is that people who go overboard wearing a lifejacket have far better survival rates than those who are not. It’s really that simple.

...Mr Witherall added.

What is more, AMSA highlighted the importance of wearing a lifejacket, while confirmed that there was some resistance among commercial fishermen who felt lifejackets were uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time at sea.

I say to them, don’t risk your life for the sake of comfort. There are many types of lifejackets available today, find one that works for you and wear it. When you’re working in an environment that can be as unforgiving as the sea, you should always prepare for the unexpected.

...Mr Witherall concluded.