These complaints relate to the main themes in the notice, which are:

  • Seafarers serving at sea with expired Seafarer Employment Agreements (76%)
  • No plans for the repatriation of seafarers after their employment agreements expire (89%)
  • The amount of time spent onboard by a seafarer being in excess of 11 months:

-27.5% at least 11 months or more onboard
-15% at least 12 months or more onboard
-20% at least 13 months or more onboard
-22.5% at least 14 months or more onboard
-15% at least 15 months or more onboard.

We are investigating every MLC complaint received. For some complaints, the ship has not arrived in Australia or is not coming to Australia. For ships that are not coming to Australia, we refer the complaint to the ship’s flag State Administration and where possible the port State Administration for its next destination.

For ships that have not arrived in Australia, AMSA schedules an inspection for when it arrives and may also contact the shipowner, master or agent via email to resolve the complaint. Where serious concerns are found, the Authority will issue deficiencies and detain the ship.