AMSA will be using the provision included within Marine Order 70 section 15 to extend seafarer certificates for up to six months, due to COVID-19 outbreak.

We will do this if satisfied that the person does not meet revalidation requirements due to circumstances beyond their control due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Such circumstances include travel bans, cancelled training courses, social distancing rules, doctors unavailable to conduct medical examinations and so on.

If a seafarer cannot provide either an updated AMSA medical or an approved continued competence refresher course completion certificate(s), but meets all other revalidation requirements (for example, sea service), AMSA will accept an application made in the approved format and issue a temporary certificate with six months validity.

Upon receipt of the continued competence refresher course completion certificate and/or updated AMSA medical, provided the applicant then meets the full revalidation requirements, AMSA will issue a five year certificate at no additional cost.

Seafarers will not have to submit a new application when they have completed the AMSA medical or continued competency course.