This comes as the marine industry embraces a growing range of alternative fuels, including LPG and ammonia, the company said.

The competitiveness of LPG as a fuel is increasing. Not only does LPG virtually eliminate sulphur emissions, it has a lower cost than many other fuels and is easily available worldwide,

...Alfa Laval noted.

This work comes in continuation of a collaboration with with MAN Energy Solutions in the area of low-flashpoint fuels.

As such, the resulting booster system became the first proven solution to provide LPG to a high-pressure combustion engine for marine applications, the company claims.

Legally there is nothing that now prohibits occasional venting of LPG into the atmosphere. However, the relevant regulations and international guidelines make clear that venting of hydrocarbons should be avoided whenever possible. LPG is also heavier than air and does not disperse like LNG does, so it’s important to minimize the effects of unexpected venting event,

...says Roberto Comelli, Global Sales Manager Fuel Conditioning Systems at Alfa Laval.