Royal Niestern Sander will design and build a completely new aft ship for the passenger ship 'Münsterland', including dual fuel engines, LNG storage tanks, propulsion systems, all LNG installations, pipelines and other systems.

Due to the combination of shipbuilding and ship repair, the majority of the conversion operation takes place physically at the ship construction site, whereby the repair dock is not yet needed. The Münsterland can continue to operate as usual during this work.

After conversion, the Münsterland will start using a much less polluting fuel for emissions reduction.

Additionally, a completely new stern with a new shape will reduce the hull resistance. As a result, the ship needs less engine power to sail at the same speed, which means a reduction in fuel consumption and noise.

Although the ship dates from 1986 and has therefore reached the end of its life cycle, the conversion is expected to be as new again with many technical systems replaced or upgraded.

Münsterland will be back into service in its new form in the first half of 2020.

This will be the second vessel in AG Ems fleet to be converted to LNG propulsion, following 'Ostfriesland' which was converted back in 2015.