NYK and MTI Co. Ltd. have created an advance alarm system, able to detect anomalies on real-time, that water getting in lubricating oil cause. This alarm has already been installed on Haramachi Maru, aiming to prevent such problems and achieve preventive maintenance for the engine.

Controlling the quality of lubricating oil is very important for engines' smooth operation. This is because water can contaminate lubricating oil when cooling water for the engine leaks or the oil purifier fails.


To mitigate this problem, NYK carried out a trial on a ship for over a year, gathering data from a sensor which was measuring the moisture content of the lubricating oil for the main engine. The results showed that there is a strong correlation between the moisture content and engine-room humidity/temperature.

The alarm systems aims to provide early warnings when the range between the actual relative moisture content of lubrication oil is above the proper moisture content for the environment.

Credit: MTI Co. Ltd.

NYK will now install this alarm on ships, to ensure the early detection of water in lubricating oil. The company will also develop a new alarm for a generator.

This is part of NYK's 'Staying Ahead 2022 with Digitalization and Green', which aspires to achieve sustainable growth. Namely, NYK will use digital technology in order to achieve better operational management and preventive maintenance.