Specifically, the two partners celebrated the launch of 3D model-based Review project by signing a new joint development project (JDP) to develop 3D model-based Surveys.

The project follows ABS and SHI’s development of a paperless 3D model-based design and review process, completing a JDP signed at Gastech in Houston, Texas, in September 2019. 

Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology commented that

These projects demonstrate that ABS and SHI can support the design, review, and now survey during construction of ship structure using 3D models in place of 2D drawings.

Concluding, the project is in line with SHI’s Smart SHI, which looks to create a digitalized and future-oriented shipyard with a completely drawing-less shop floor that assures digital continuity of all integrated solutions and enables cyber-physical manufacturing systems.