The JDP regards 3D digital disclosure, data exchange, and the use of analytics to support the new construction process and pilot the survey of the future.

Data and digitalization are revolutionizing the marine and offshore industries. This JDP is further evidence of how ABS is leading the way and working with innovative partners such as SHI to shape the future of our industry

according to Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Engineering and Technology.


In addition, Jong H Youn, Vice President of SHI, expects the JDP to be a great opportunity to advance innovative certification and inspection.

More specifically, the JDP is focused on three areas:

  • Piloting 3D Model Based Plan review;
  • Developing a utility to import data from the SHI CAD system into ABS Engineering Software;
  • Piloting the use of artificial intelligence to supplement traditional non destructive testing in the shipbuilding process.

It is the second JDP with SHI that ABS has launched during Gastech. The first regards a project to develop a next generation LNG carrier design with advanced air lubrication and smart capabilities.

Under the JDP, Samsung Heavy will deliver the concept and basic design for a next generation LNG carrier which will incorporate an advanced air lubrication system for improved efficiency.

In addition, the concept will incorporate smart-ship technologies. ABS, which has classed the world's first LNG carrier, will carry out design review of the structure and arrangements.