The dashboard that will occur, will provide an instant shared view, showcasing the degree of cyber risk across assets, operations and critical suppliers.


What is more, the SecurityGate software helps highlight remediation efforts to present the return on investment of cyber risk mitigation strategies over time.

The ABS FCI Cyber RiskMethodology was developed after a two-year research contract with the Maritime Security Center, led by Stevens Institute of Technology and including the US Department of Defense.

Commenting on the partnership, ABS Advanced Solutions Vice President Russ Medeiros said that this dashboard enables ABS to deliver the FCI Cyber Risk methodology more efficiently, providing a new view into cyber risk management.

For his part, Christopher J. Wiernicki, ABS Chairman, President and CEO, stated:

This partnership with SecurityGate takes us to the next level. No other solution makes it so straightforward for operators and owners to gain such a deep understanding of their cyber risk and the steps they can take to improve it