According to ABS

The ABS LNG Cargo Ready notation confirms that an ethane carrier is capable of future modification to trade LNG cargoes. ABS is the first classification society to develop requirements and notations for ethane carriers that assist in assessing the level of LNG cargo readiness. The notation identifies potential barriers and assesses LNG capability of equipment and systems installed on the Very Large Ethane Carriers (VLEC).

ABS Vice President for Global Gas Solutions, Patrick Janssens commented

Our work to make the next generation of ethane carriers more flexible and better able to adapt to developments in the international markets,  underscores our focus on developing solutions that respond to the challenges faced by owners, charterers and operators while ushering in new concepts and fostering the latest technologies.

Recently, ABS joined forces with Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) on the use of digital technologies, aiming to streamline designing, building, and classing assets in a joint development project. Also, ABS, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) and Hyundai Global Service (HGS) agreed on a framework for exchanging of Digitalization and Decarbonization (D&D) concepts to implement to existing and future designs.