This Guide expands the “Laid-up” status to provide more precise definitions regarding exact status of a stacked unit. This Guide provides the following five options for laid-up life cycle status for units classed with ABS:

  •  Laid-up
  •  Laid-up Warm Stacked
  •  Laid-up Cold Stacked
  •  Enhanced Laid-up Warm Stacked
  •  Enhanced Laid-up Cold Stacked

This Guide also introduces an “Enhanced” status for a laid up unit, which means that the unit has had its lay-up location and proceduresreviewed and verified by ABS in accordance with this Guide. The goal of having a unit enrolled in Enhanced lay-up is to preserve the total asset value, potentially qualify for a reduced insurance premium while stacked,along with reducing the time and cost for reactivation.

This Guide becomes effective on the first day of the month of publication.

Further information may be found by reading the Guide below