ABS is cooperating with CINS members over the past six months to develop best stowage strategy guidelines. After a three-month trial, the best practice guidelines will be published. The collaboration gathers key industry stakeholders to examine the challenges and risks container ship owners and operators face when stowing dangerous goods.

The goal of this project is to compile a comprehensive set of best practices to enhance stowage planning and hazard mitigation for dangerous goods carriage, leading to a focused application of existing risk assessment processes.

ABS Vice President for Technology, Gareth Burton, stated:

Carriage of dangerous goods, not properly identified or accounted for, can be detrimental to the safety of the ship and more importantly the people on board that ship. Central to our joint effort is advancing safety by developing a set of best practices incorporating key lessons learned provided by CINS members from past incidents

In addition, Uffe Ernst-Frederiksen, CINS Chairman, said that they are looking to channel these experiences into the development of a new industry best practices document. They also welcome views, insights, and other risk-based approaches from various carriers that can help improve fire safety in the industry.