Mr. also outlined how the classification and insurance industries can strengthen their collaboration ahead of the progression of cyber and autonomy propel maritime safety into new waters.

“Building on our safety and risk control focus, class and insurance are in a unique position to lead in several areas – specifically, simplifying and establishing common terminology as well as delivering exceptional products and solutions like cyber programs and notations,” Mr. Wiernicki said.

As maritime safety depends more and more on cyber-enabled physical systems and integrated information technology, and as technology is moving the industry into cyber-influenced decision making, the class and insurance industry must recognize and address this as the safety system that no one sees, Mr. Wiernicki further noted.

“The insights shared today from ABS underscore the importance of how we are stronger together in our journeys, leveraging each other’s strengths to simplify the complexities of topics like cyber that are defining our future,” commented AIMU President John Miklus.