ABP will participate in MTI’s blockchain solution in pilot shipments. Currently, each party in a supply chain, from shipper to haulier and from port operator to carrier, uses different systems, which do not all talk to each other efficiently. MTI’s technology aims to offer a way to securely link these ways of working.


Currently, ABP operates 21 ports across the UK, handling 25% of the country’s seaborne cargo. According to Ron Crean, Group Head of Marketing for ABP and leader of this project, the goal is to establish a frictionless trade.

Jody Cleworth, founder and CEO of MTI, noted:

Blockchain-enabled technology has the potential to provide a transparent, secure and accurate way of capturing and sharing data with key parties, but for MTI the critical part is interoperability ... With blockchain, we can connect all those systems to ensure data is accurately and quickly shared, helping speed-up and simplify the flow of trade in and out of the UK.