ABB ABB has signed a three-year international maintenance contract with Van Oord, a worldwide contractor for dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas and wind).

"The crucial benefit of this agreement is that it enables greater efficiency with regard to maintenance. The aim is to enhance the technical performance of our engines and optimise overhaul processes, which together will result in lower energy consumption and a cut in emissions," said Jaap de Jong, Director, Ship Management at Van Oord.

"The reduction of CO2 and SOx is of vital importance, and Van Oord is committed to delivering a valuable contribution to that goal. The agreement reflects the new Van Oord strategy in which we want to be sustainable and an economical fleet manager," added Jaap de Jong.

"Under this contract, we will service 140 turbochargers during a three-year period," said Rolf Bosma, General Manager ABB Turbocharging Benelux."Van Oord had been looking for a maintenance partner for ships' engine turbochargers for some time. We have clustered a number of services into a 'value added' package. For each individual location and vessel, we create tailor-made planning, and Van Oord can precisely manage its budgets around this."

The main focus of the agreement is to ensure Van Oord's fleet is available to the highest possible degree, with minimal downtime and low CO2 emissions. This is achieved by efficient maintenance and, wherever possible, continuous improvement in the technical performance of turbochargers.

Within the dredging industry, hardware is generally under considerable strain and downtime is very costly. As a 'turbo' is responsible for some 70% of an engine's total power, optimal and enduring performance is vital.

ABB and Van Oord have worked together on various projects together in the past, such as the Princess Amalia Offshore Windfarm at IJmuiden.

Source: ABB