The industry applies the turbocharger efficiency benchmark given by MAN Diesel & Turbo.

ABB Turbocharging has mentioned that it has achieved a 2% higher efficiency compared to this industry standard.

The ABB turbocharging efficiency benchmark test took place earlier this year on a Hyundai testbed in Korea.

Namely, three ABB A180-L turbochargers, produced by Hyundai under license, were fitted on an 8G95ME-C9.5 engine and the turbocharging efficiency was measured accordingly.

The measurement was conductes with wireless measuring equipment to ensure highest data accuracy.

This development can cause annual fuel savings of up to 35,000 USD per vessel, depending on fuel price and load pro-file. The increase was also confirmed and verified by MAN Diesel & Turbo, ABB noted.

Arie Smits, Senior General Manager, Product Group Low-Speed at ABB Turbocharging said, “The result of the measurement on an actual engine is a confirmation of our promise and commitment to continue to push for highest efficiencies and value for our customers. Promised, delivered and proven.”