The hearing on "The Path to a Carbon-Free Maritime Industry: Investments and Innovation" assessed current and future technologies that will give a boost to zero-emission vessel operations.

Being the only equipment manufacturer (OEM) to testify at the hearing, ABB Marine & Ports shared an overview of proven technologies which are commercially available today, to low marine emissions as it further presented its recommendations in turning to sustainable shipping and solutions for enabling this transition.

The marine industry in the midst of a transition towards low and zero emissions technologies. Electric, digital and connected solutions are already transforming today’s shipping, and there will be a variety of solutions to suit different vessel types and operational profiles for reducing marine emissions.

... said Juha Koskela, Managing Director, ABB Marine & Ports.


With sustainable transportation playing a vital role in the fight against climate change and the shipping marking about 2 to 3% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, the International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency responsible for regulating shipping, has set a global target to cut annual emissions by at least 50% by 2050 from 2008 levels.

Policies should focus on setting sustainability targets for shipping, allowing the industry to assemble the best technologies and solutions for enabling emission reduction, and provide support to the marine industry as it meets those targets.

...said Peter Bryn, ABB’sTechnical Solutions Manager, North America when testifying at the hearing.

ABB further encouraged the Sub-committee to set a long-term national plan to achieve zero-emissions for all vessels, enhancing the growth of the sustainable maritime industry.

For the records, the Congressional hearing is a major method from which U.S. Congressional committees collect and analyse information as part of their legislative function. The House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure has jurisdiction over many modes of transportation in the US, including surface and maritime transportation.