The Iranian PMO announced that the exports of goods and products from the three ports of Abadan, present an accelerated development and growing trend.

The exports from the three ports increased by 39.471 tons in the same period last year which shows a growth of 56.3% in exports.


In the meantime, agricultural products, meat and meat products, household appliances and light products, machinery and vehicles, raw materials and chemical compounds, construction materials, petrochemical, parts and accessories, textiles, fibers and textiles are major exported goods from these ports to the Gulf countries.

Mainly, Iran seems to be developing in its shipping sector, as the previous week, PMO announced that Hadi Haghshenas, Deputy of maritime affairs of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization, is discussing with National Oil Company to supply low sulphur fuel.

Also, Director General of Ports and Maritime Affairs of Gilan province, Iran, announced that operations and exploitation of three investment projects are scheduled to begin with minimum credit of 880 billion Rls in Azali port complex.