The apprenticeship is expected to help AAPA to expand leadership within maritime community regarding professional development and training, noted AAPA President and CEO Chris Connor.

Last week, the Department of Labor announced the awarding of grants to 28 public-private apprenticeship partnerships totaling nearly $100 million through the grant program.

As informed, the program will support the training of more than 92,000 individuals in new or expanded apprenticeship programs for a range of employers, including small and medium-sized businesses, veterans, military spouses, service members re-entering the civilian workforce "and groups underrepresented in current apprenticeship programs, including women and Americans reentering the workforce from the justice system".

These grants will further the Administration's efforts to expand apprenticeships. For Americans who want an alternative to the traditional bachelor's degree, apprenticeships are a way to learn valuable skills that lead to good paying careers. Companies across the country tell me that their greatest challenge today is finding the skilled workers they need. This funding will bolster America's competitiveness by adding more skilled workers to fill millions of open jobs today and in the future,

...said US Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia.

As part of our grant application, we were able to assemble a national team of 10 employers, three institutions of higher education, three industry associations and one workforce intermediary. We’re confident the team we’ve assembled will enable AAPA to implement a proposed plan to register more than 5,000 apprentices nationwide, utilizing the nearly $6 million in USDOL funds requested through the proposal,

...explained Mr. Connor.