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SAFETY4SEA London Forum focuses on seafarers’ needs and shipping sustainability

The SAFETY4SEA London Forum successfully concluded on Wednesday 12th of February 2020 at the Hellenic Centre, London UK. The event focused on safety, and green challenges for shipping, with discussions touching upon emissions reduction measures, as well as safety of seafarers and navigation.


The winners of the 2020 SMART4SEA Awards announced

SAFETY4SEA announced the winners of the 2020 SMART4SEA Awards on January the 28th at Yacht Club of Greece in Athens. SMART4SEA Awards are held annually, awarding industry’s outstanding practices for E-Navigation, Connectivity, Energy Efficiency, Cyber Security, Training, Technology, Personality and Leadership.


Digitalization, cyber and ship autonomy shaped discussions at 2020 SMART4SEA Forum

The 2020 SMART4SEA Athens Forum was successfully concluded on Wednesday 29th of January 2020, at the Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, attracting 450 delegates from the global shipping industry. The event was organized by SAFETY4SEA, having MacGregor as lead sponsor.


11 armed robberies against ships in Asia in January

A total of 11 incidents of armed robbery against ships were reported in Asia in January 2020, ReCAAP ISC said in its monthly report. The number of actual incidents is the same with December 2019. The two alarming issues concern the recurrence of four incidents in the Singapore Strait and one crew abduction off Malaysia in January 2020.


UK MAIB investigation: Loss of control leads to collision between two bulk carriers

The UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the collision between the bulk carrier 'Gülnak' and the moored bulk carrier 'Cape Mathilde' off England in April 2019. The investigation identified that control of Gülnak’s heading was lost towards the end of an intended turn to port in the main navigation channel.

Women in shipping

Women in Science Day reminds us the need of women in workforce

On 11 February, the global community celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, aiming to defy gender bias and defeat discriminations that holds women and girls back in STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering and Math) fields.


How freight forwarders can be legally protected amid coronavirus

Following the rapid developments around the coronavirus, TT Club in collaboration with international lawyers, HFW, outlines how freight forwarders, logistics service providers and other intermediaries can protect themselves legally and minimise their liabilities, while providing a quality service to their customers.

Maritime Knowledge

Diversity in leadership; a new connection is born

What comes first in mind when you think about leadership? Power, motivation, high status? Well, they are a part of leadership, but very often we forget one vital part; diversity. Today, we are experiencing the first steps of increased diversity in the workplace.

Maritime Knowledge

Top 10 challenges for young leaders

Being a leader is a challenging thing to do, especially in today’s cognitive-oriented society and the world of new technologies, that seem to transform every aspect of thinking, requiring new skills and abilities for sustainability.


10 key steps to step out your comfort zone

As humans, we seek for comfort, which is also why it's so hard to let it go. Our comfort zone is our natural, neutral state; a place where stress and anxiety are minimal, where we know what is coming next and can plan accordingly.

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Diversity in leadership; a new connection is born

What comes first in mind when you think about leadership? Power, motivation, high status? Well, they are a part of leadership, but very often we forget one vital part; diversity. Today, we are experiencing the first steps of increased diversity in the workplace.


EU Ship Recycling Regulation and IHM: How to comply

The entry into force of the sulphur cap in the beginning of 2020 is – and will be – the highlight of the year. However, at the end of 2020, ships must comply with another very important requirement. Specifically, starting from 31 December 2020, ships above 500 GT and flying the flag of an EU/EEA member state, or third-party flagged vessels calling at European ports, must carry an Inventory Hazardous Materials (IHM) certificate on board.


2020 Regulatory Agenda: What you should know

The year 2020 has been eagerly anticipated by the maritime industry for the switch to a low-sulphur fuel environment. However, from January 1st of 2020, there are other regulations that take effect as well apart from the IMO Sulphur cap.  Discussions during IMO Meeting and preparations have been ongoing and with immediate implementation, the first day of the year is expected to be dominated by many amendments to SOLAS Chapters, MARPOL Annexes and Code revisions.

Cyber Security

How IMO addresses cyber risk: An overview

The era of digitalization and rapid development of technologies in the maritime sector has called for immediate action, for the protection of the seafarers and the whole industry, which led the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to issue and implement a series of regulations and guidelines on cyber risk management, with, last but not least, the adoption of the Resolution MSC.428(98). This resolution calls companies to report any cyber risk in their ISM Code no later than January 1, 2021.


Riding the digital wave

During the 2020 SMART4SEA Athens Forum, Mr. Mike Konstantinidis, CEO, METIS Cyberspace Technology, addressed in brief the necessity for the digital transformation in the maritime, as well as the contribution of smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the development of a new era in shipping.


Watch: Aker BP uses robot in offshore operations

Aker BP, Norwegian oil and gas operator, cooperated with the software company Cognite and explore how robotic systems can be used in offshore operations, making operations safer, more efficient and more sustainable. The two partners will test the system by using robots and drones on the Aker BP-operated Skarv installation.


Norway's MF Bastø VI conducts first fully automatic journey

MF Bastø VI recently conducted its first fully automatic journey between Horten and Moss while having passengers onboard, with a system installed which ensures that the ferry has optimized fuel consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and increased regularity and safety during its arrivals and departures.

SMART4SEA 2020 Forum Highlights

2019 CAREER4SEA Forum - Highlights

Maritime Knowledge

Procedures: Mooring line handling tips

Mooring and unmooring operations provide the circumstances for potentially serious accidents. There is no doubt that, this duty requires a good technique initially in lifting the heavy eye of the rope, followed by a good pulling technique. Care must be taken, therefore with the laying out of heavy mooring ropes and wire ropes/hawsers.


20 years ISM Code: Where do we stand

Widely known as the International Safety Management Code, ISM Code is part of the mandatory regulations in marine industry. In 1994 the code was formally adopted and integrated as a part of the SOLAS Convention, while later in 1998, it became mandatory for oil tankers and bulk carriers, with general cargo ships to follow by 2001.

Maritime Knowledge

Why practicing mindfulness meditation onboard

Mindfulness: the psychological process of bringing one's attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, basically through meditation. We all feel stressed at times, although stress in the right amount is useful and essential for survival, the effects of stress can be unpleasant or uncomfortable.  How useful could mindfulness be to seafarers though?


Carnival: Coronavirus will have 'financial' impact on 2020 earnings

Carnival Corporation issued a statement presenting the company's forecasts for the future amid the coronavirus outbreak, highlighting that the virus spread may have a financial impact on the companies earnings in 2020.


Stimulus packages come under focus for South African maritime sector

South African government should put a short term focus on tracking down a set of earlier announced stimulus packages, as well as on the revival of an inter-ministerial committee focused on South Africa’s maritime economic sector, said recently Deputy Minister in the Presidency, Ms Thembi Siweya.


Rauma lays keel for Wasaline LNG ferry

A ceremony was conducted in celebration of the keel laying of Rauma Marine Constructions’ newbuilding, NB6002 for Wasaline, on Thursday February 13 at the Rauma shipyard. The vessel's construction began in September 2019.