The officer was detained as he was suspected to failing to follow standard operating procedures during maintenance work at the Xixiakou Shipyard at Longyan Port, Rongcheng County, Weihai City, Shandong Province.

Based on the local government's circular, 10 people, including the 2nd engineer, the chief motorman and eight workers of the shipyard were killed while 19 injured were still undergoing medical treatment in local hospitals, although their lives were not in danger.

The incident occurred during repair work in shipyard rather than when she was at sea, so it has been determined as a serious production safety accident. After the fatal incident, the vessel has been detained for inspection.

Concluding, China classifies accidents as serious if there deaths are 10 to 30, leave 50 to 100 people injured, or cause direct economic losses of between 50 million yuan (about US$7.46 million) and 100 million yuan.