According to the European Commission, reusing the reported data, harmonising IT interfaces and combining customs and maritime reporting procedures could cut reporting procedures' time by about 50%. The regulation will prescribe which procedures ships need to adhere to during port calls in the European Union.


For the Port of Rotterdam data harmonization is of great importance, as the exchange of data has not been fully harmonised or standardised, creating problems on the side of the authorities.

For this reason, the Port of Rotterdam, along with other major Dutch seaports, asked policymakers to maintain the reporting route via existing Port Community Systems, in addition to the possibility to report via the 'National Single Window' (NSW).

In order to ensure that the declarant has the free choice between reporting via 'Port Community Services' (PCS) or via the NSW, an amendment to Article 6.1. is necessary.

Namely, the Port of Rotterdam, Port of Amsterdam, North Sea Port, Groningen Seaports, Port of Moerdijk, evofenedex, Portbase, Deltalinqs and Ondernemend Amsterdam (ORAM), ask to maintain the reporting route via the PCS and also a free choice in 'reporting means' for reporting parties.