As Seafarers UK announced, 2020's theme will be "Seafarers' Safety" and will take place in 6-12 July. The campaign will focus on the perspective of safety and what the shipping industry could do to improve the existent situation.

Seafarers' safety is a wide theme, consisting of a variety of issues; Safety comes in different shapes and sizes. Either it has to do with safety measures when conducting an operation, either with avoiding accidents or with seafarers' wellness when they're onboard a vessel.

Also, the awareness campaign will end on Sea Sunday, when church congregations are invited by Seafarers UK’s beneficiary charities Apostleship of the Sea (Stella Maris) and Mission to Seafarers to make cash donations to support seafarers in need and their families.


In 2019, Seafarers UK paid attention on UK's commercial fishing industry, bringing this issue on the spotlight, as many of Britain’s fishing communities are in crisis. The charity has already contacted the Government to ensure that fishermen’s lives are as well protected as the fish they catch.

The campaigns lasting for seven days, provide a sufficient platform for national and regional events that attract the media and also boost the community's knowledge on shipping matters, with  individuals, businesses and organisations cooperating to raise the profile of jobs within the whole UK maritime industry, including seafaring.

Concluding, the UK is amongst the strongest European countries in the maritime sector, as according to EMSA's statistics on EU seafarers in 2018, the UK had 30.833 masters and officers holding CoCs, being the first country to have the most certified mariners.