Join the IMO Thank you seafarers campaign

2011.1.31-SHIP.jpgThe first-ever international Day of the Seafarer will be celebrated on 25 June 2011 to pay tribute to the world's 1.5 million seafarers who provide a unique contribution to the shipping industry and the carriage of 90% of world trade.

The Day of the Seafarer not only represents an opportunity to recognise seafarers' efforts and invaluable contribution to shipping and trade, but is also a very welcome occasion to inform people that do not deal with the shipping industry on a day-to-day basis about the fascinating life of modern-day seafarers, thereby contributing to attracting and retaining qualified crew.

On this Day, however, it is equally appropriate to focus on challenges which seafarers may face as part of their profession, such as the risks of piracy attacks and unfair treatment. Seafarers represent the most critical industry resource and BIMCO is therefore committed to promoting the fair treatment of seafarers in all respects, in order to avoid criminalisation and other forms of unfair treatment. To this effect, BIMCO advocates for the fair treatment of seafarers according to all laws and the association is keen to ensure protection of seafarers' fundamental rights in individual cases.

In order for seafarers to avoid unnecessary problems for example in relation to port calls around the world, BIMCO is continuously carrying out awareness work on a variety of pertinent issues. A number of useful pamphlets have been produced to increase awareness amongst ships' crews, notably an updated Guide to Port State Control Inspections as well as a Guide produced in co-operation with the US Chamber of Shipping regarding the US Vessel General Permit (VGP). BIMCO has also developed a pamphlet about the New Inspection Regime (NIR) of the Paris MoU directed specifically at the needs of the crew. The Guides can be downloaded below.

BIMCO Live, the association's on-line compilation of shipping related information, contains more than 170,000 pages of data providing up-to-date news on ports, security, technical and regulatory developments on a global basis and represents an invaluable tool for ships' crews and shipowners in order to facilitate their tasks and operations, while avoiding unnecessary problems in relation to port calls etc.

IMO, as part of its celebration of the Day of the Seafarer, has launched an on-line campaign, in which it is asking everyone to voice their support for our seafarers using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. BIMCO would like to make use of this opportunity to join the IMO's "Thank you seafarers" and ask everyone to do the same using one or more of the social media suggested. The campaign can be accessed by using the below link to the Day of the Seafarer website or clicking on the IMO banner.

The agreement to celebrate the Day of the Seafarer annually on 25 June was made by member states of the IMO in 2010, following the adoption of milestone revisions to the International Convention on Standards of training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (the STCW Convention) at a Diplomatic Conference in Manila, the Philippines.

Source: BIMCO