Two sailors are already heading to court-martial accused of using, possessing and distributing the drug. Meanwhile, three are waiting to see whether they will be charged as well and another 10 were administratively disciplined. Of the 15, 14 worked in the nuclear department, according to Lt. Joe Keiley, spokesman for the Seventh Fleet, based in Japan, as quoted by Navy Times. The 15th sailor was also disciplined, but that person was not assigned to the carrier’s reactor department.

All of the accused were removed from their posts as an investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) is underway.

In February, a similar case brought to the spotlight by Wall Street Journal, involved a number of US Navy sailors onboard USS Reagan, based in Japan, who were investigated for alleged use and distribution of drugs, including LSD and ecstasy. Cmdr. Clay Doss, public affairs officer for the Seventh Fleet, confirmed at CNN at that time that an investigation was underway, underlining that 'the Navy has zero tolerance for drug abuse'.

The Navy continues to weigh charges against at least three other Reagan sailors over allegedly using and possessing drugs.