Although at first the ship was banned from calling the port of Piraeus, it was allowed to sail at the pier of "Themistocles" cruise station in the port of Piraeus on April 2. The same day, a team from the National Public Health Organization visited the ship to sample the surfaces and the central air conditioning system.

Following, the Greek Pasteur Institute informed that after medical examinations onboard the vessel, 119 were positive, 259 negative and 2 inappropriate to be rechecked in the coming hours.

The crew members who were negative for the COVID-19 test will be repatriated after being gradually transferred to hotels in Athens for the next 36 hours. However, passengers who are positive for COVID - 19 will remain in isolation on board for 14 days.

The crew consists of 382 people of different nationalities, including 36 Greeks.

Concluding, in mid-March the Greek government announced that will put everyone arriving from abroad into a 14-day quarantine, in an effort against the disease.