As the shipowner informs, the Euroferry Malta departed port of Cagliari, Sardinia at 1940 hours Sunday, October 6, sailing to Porto Torres, a city on the opposite side of the island. The vessel was transmitting about 90 heavy vehicles and 50 cars on board.

According to reports, at 1000 hours on Monday morning, four Bulgarian crewmembers were rounding the cargo to inspect the cargo on the upper deck, towards the bow. Grimaldi informed that according to preliminary reports, it appears that three crewmembers were injured and one was killed when a wave struck the ship.


Following this event, the captain of the vessel informed the authorities to prepare for medical attention for the victims. Therefore, at 1600 hours, the Euroferry Malta moored in Porto Torres, where the wounded were landed and then transferred to the hospital in Sassari.

Now, the local harbormaster's office has begun an investigation into the incident.

Overall, the Grimaldi Group has experienced many challenges with its vessels, such as the Grande Amburgo which ran aground on Wstern Scheldt bank at Walsoorden, the Netherlands, on Sunday, May 26.

Therefore, the company implemented stricter controls on cargo sea transport, keeping in mind the company's Grande America who eventually sank after being on fire; Specifically, the 'Grande America' con/ro caught fire on March 10.