The first incident took place around 50nm of Bonny Island, Nigeria. Around eight armed pirates in a speed boat chased a container vessel. The vessel raised its alarm, activated the SAS, increased its speed and all non-essential crew retreated to the citadel.

The Nigerian navy contacted, who informed the Master to meet with their naval vessel in the vicinity. As the pirate boat approached, the Master started evasive manoeuvres, and the pirates were unable to hook their ladder onto the vessel and left.

The Nigerian navy then escorted the vessel to the pilot boarding point.

The second incident happened 40nm SSW off Bonny, Nigeria. About 10 pirates in a speed boat, armed with automatic weapons, chased and fired upon a reefer vessel.

The armed guards onboard the vessel returned fire, forcing the pirates to abort the attach and they moved away.

All crew are reported safe, while the vessel sustained minor damage because of the firing.