According to local media reports, AMSA officials were in the middle of a general inspection onboard the ship, when members of the crew raised complaints about their treatment by their captain and chief officer. The complaints related to bullying, non-payment of overtime, long working hours and lack of food.

AMSA detained the ship until the owner either removes the captain and chief officer or repatriates the crew. International media report that the two men were eventually removed from the ship.

The vessel is allegedly owned by Celestial Bliss Investments and is under the commercial management of Laurin Maritime and the technical management of Fareast Shipmanagement Hongkong, while the manning agency for officers is Shan Shipmanagement, according to Arx Maritime.

Upon detention, the 26-person crew were given money to buy food onshore and were accommodated in the Mission to Seafarers office, in Gladstone.

The 26 crew includes seafarers from the Philippines, Bangladesh and India. The vessel arrived in Gladstone from New Orleans, transporting caustic to QAL.