Date Issued By Title Article PDF
03/2018 UK Department for Transport Ports Good Governance Guidance pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 The Mission to Seafarers Seafarers Happiness Index pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 Euroconsult Prospects for Maritime Satellite Communications pdf-icon-50x50
03/2108 EMSA Outlook 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 ClearSeas Vessel Drift and Response Analysis for Canada’s Pacific Coast pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 ESPO The infrastructure investment needs and financing challenge of European ports pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 BPA UK Port Infrastructure Project Pipeline Analysis Report pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 ICS Shipping Industry Flag State Performance Table pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 BPA A Brexit Dividend: Supporting Trade and Growth pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 DNV GL (for DMA) Digital Twins for Blue Denmark pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 Japan P&I Club Coastal vessels; Prevention of damage to harbour facilities and related cases pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 UK Department of Transport Shipping Fleet Statistics 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 Moore Stephens Industry confidence hits four-year high pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 VTMS Places of Refuge - EU Operational Guidelines pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 ABS Guidance notes on using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018  Allianz Allianz Risk Barometer - Top 10 business risks for 2018  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 Maersk North America Trade Report  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 USCG - American Waterways Operators Annual Safety Report  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 UK Club Book it right and pack it tight  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 IMF World Economic Outlook update  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 ILO ILO SID Checklist  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 ABS Noise and vibration analysis, mitigation and measurements for marine vessels  pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 ICS 2017 Annual Overview 
02/2018 Anglo-eastern, ISWAN, WISTA, Seafarer’s Help Gender Diversity Towards Building and Maintaining a Diverse Shipboard Team  pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 Clyde & Co, IMarEST Technology in shipping – The impact of technological change on the shipping industry pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 UK MCA Code of Safe Working Practices for Merchant Seafarers 2015 edition – Amendment 2 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 Swedish Club Auxiliary Engine Damage pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 ReCAAP ISC Annual piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia report pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 IMB Annual maritime piracy and armed robbery pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 IG Clubs, CINS Guidelines for the Carriage of Calcium Hypochlorite in Containers pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 BIMCO, ICS, INTERTANKO Interim guidance on maritime security in the southern Red Sea and Bab al-Mandeb pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 UK Department of Business, energy and Industrial Strategy Guide to the application of the quality act 2010 and national minimum wage rights for seafarers pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 CHIRP Maritime – University College London Perception, Decision Making and Fatigue at Sea pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 OBP Issue paper on Privately Contracted Armed Maritime Security pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 North P&I Club FAQs on General Data Protection Regulation pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 CLIA 2018 Cruise Industry Outlook pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 US Navy Strategic Readiness Review pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 OBP Issue paper on Vessel Protection Detachments pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Moody’s Investors Service Container shipping — Europe: Consolidation to continue as persistent oversupply spurs liners to join forces pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Shipowners P&I Club Guidance and best practice for operators considering unmanned vessels pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 OBP Issue paper on coastal state embarked personnel pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Japan P&I Club Ventilation pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 EMSA Equasis Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 ISWAN Psychological Wellbeing at Sea pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Faststream Perception VS Reality pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 London Club Stop Loss – November 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Marsh & McLennan Companies MMC Cyber Handbook 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 DNV GL Making renewables smarter pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 BALance Technology Consulting New Trends in Globalisation in Shipbuilding and Marine Supplies pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Clyde & Co, IMarEST The impact of technological change in shipping industry pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 DNV GL Standardisation as an enabler of digitalization – in the maritime industry pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 PORTOPIA European Port Industry Sustainability Report pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 American Club Good housekeeping pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 UK Ship Register Industry Code of Practice for autonomous vessels pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 EMSA Annual overview of marine casualties and incidents 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 North Club Signals newsletter pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Pure Tech Systems Man overboard detection for cruise ship safety pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 ClassNK Good Maintenance Onboard Ships pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Container stevedoring monitoring report 2016-2017 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 Steamship Mutual P&I Club Portable Ladders pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 American Club Guidance for Seafarers’ Mental Health Awareness pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 UK Club Delivery of cargo without original bills of lading pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 Swedish Club Advice For Masters Proceeding To Chittagong Outer Anchorage To Carry Out STS Transfer Operations pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 Swedish Club Fire! pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 CINS Guidance on the safe carriage of charcoal and carbon in containers pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 IMB Piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia Jan-Sept 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 ReCAAP ICS Jan-Sept 2017 Quarterly Report pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 WHO Handbook for management of public health events onboard ships pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 McKinsey Container Shipping: The next 50 years pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 UK Club LookOut pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 UNCTAD Review of Maritime Transport 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 ISWAN SeafarerHelp – Annual Review 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 Shipowners’ Club Risk Assessment on mooring pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 IUMI Firefighting systems on board container vessels pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 Cebr The economic contribution of the UK Maritime sector pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 UK Department for Transport Code of Practice – Cyber Security for Ships pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 LR / QinetiQ / University of Southampton Global Marine Technology Trends 2030 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 BV / London Club / TMC Marine Reducing the risk of propulsion loss pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 BIMCO Avoid lifeboat accidents pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 CLIA 2017 Asia Cruise Trends pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 EMSA Seafarers’ statistics in the EU pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 OBP Vessel Protection Detachments pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 UK Department of Transport UK Port Freight Statistics 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 American Club Preventing sexual harassment in the US Merchant Marine pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 EY Re-positioning Greece as a global maritime capital pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 Marsh Ship versus Ship Collision Claims pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 AGCS Ready to launch: Autonomous ships pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 West of England P&I Club Stowaways Loss Prevention Bulletin pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 Oil & Gas UK Health and Safety Report 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 EIA World Oil Transit Chokepoints pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 Standard P&I Club Enclosed Space Entry pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 UK MAIB Annual Report 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 Paris MoU CIC on MLC Report 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 Paris MoU Refusal of access (banning) procedure and notification checklist pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 Fraser Institute Intermodal Safety for Oil and Gas Transportation pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 PwC Economic Contribution of the US Tugboat and Barge Industry pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 Oxford Economic Support for Maritime Training (SMarT) Scheme pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 UK P&I Club Bodily Injury News pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 ReCAAP ISC Half-yearly piracy and armed robbery against ships in Asia report (Jan-Jul 2017) pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 World Shipping Council Containers Lost At Sea (2017 Update) pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 Institute for Security Studies Policy Brief: Effective maritime domain awareness in the Western Indian Ocean pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 ClassNK PSC Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 BIMCO / CLIA / ICS / INTERTANKO / INTERCARGO / OCIMF / IUMI The Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships - Version 2.0 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 IMB Piracy Piracy & Armed Robbery against ships (H1_2017) pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 ISWAN Steps to positive mental health pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Britannia P&I Club Health Watch pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 ISWAN Multilingual questions for the medical assessment and treatment of seafarers pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Nautilus International An investigation into connectivity at sea pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Deloitte EU Shipping Competitiveness Study pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 BPI Competitive gain in the ocean supply chain pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Paris MoU Performance Lists for 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 AGCS Safety & Shipping Review 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 ITF MLC Guide (Update) pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Navigate Response 10 steps to crisis media management pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 ATSB Pasha Bulker investigation report pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 IG of P&I Club Annual Review pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Swedish P&I Club Anatomy of an accident pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 MENON The leading maritime capitals of the world 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 ABD Fire-Fighting Systems for On-Deck Cargo Areas of Container Carriers pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 UK P&I Club Reducing the risks of collision with fishing vessels pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 IACS Procedures for CSR Maintenance pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 Council of Canadian Academies The Value of Commercial Marine Shipping to Canada pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 UK MCA Investigation of the 8-hours on/8-hours off Seafarer Watch Keeping System pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 UK MCA Modelling the Hours of Work and Rest of Merchant Navy Watch Keepers and Tug Crews pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 Abuja MoU PSC Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 West of England P&I Club Notices of Readiness in a nutshell pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 HRAS Remaining resilient after traumatic events pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 USCG PSC Annual Report pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 IMB Piracy Piracy & Armed Robbery against ships pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 OBP / OEF Research /Secure Fisheries Stable Seas – Somali Waters pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 ICS Annual Review pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 OBP The State of Maritime Piracy 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 Britannia P&I Club Health Watch pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 Tokyo MoU PSC Annual Report 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 ABS Dropped object prevention on offshore units and installations pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 ReCAAP ISC Jan-Mar 2017 (Quarterly Report) pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 UK P&I Club Risk Focus: Hatch Covers pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 American P&I Club Guidance on required boarding arrangements for pilots pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 West of England P&I Club Aluminium Phosphide Fumigation – Fires and Explosions pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 Britannia P&I Club Risk Watch pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 Indian MoU PSC Annual Report 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 Isle of Man Ship Registry MLC Annual Report 2016 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 Allianz GCS Global Claims Review: Liability in Focus pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 AMSA Safety Shipping for People pdf-icon-50x50


Date Issued By Title Article PDF
03/2018 Shell Meeting The Goals Of The Paris Agreement pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 ICCT Heavy Fuel Oil use in the IMO Polar Code Arctic Summarized by Flag State pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 ICCT Heavy Fuel Oil use in the IMO Polar Code Arctic Summarized by Ship Type pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 International Transport Forum Decarbonising Maritime Transport: Pathways to zero-carbon shipping by 2035 pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 IEA Renewables 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 International Transport Forum Decarbonising Maritime Transport: The Case of Sweden pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 WOC, ETG Leadership and Collaboration for Ocean Sustainable Development pdf-icon-50x50
03/2018 EIA Annual Energy Outlook 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 BP BP Energy Outlook pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 EIA Weekly Petroleum Status pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 Shell LNG Annual Outlook 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 EMSA Guidance on LNG bunkering for Port Authorities and Administration pdf-icon-50x50
02/2018 DNV GL, the United Nations Global Compact, Sustainia Global Opportunity Report 2018 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 WLPGA LPG for Marine Engines - The Marine Alternative Fuel pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 IRENA Renewable Power Generation Costs in 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
01/2018 Marsh Emissions Regulations: Concerns for the Marine Industry pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Ports of Auckland Cruise vessel emission reduction technologies pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 DNV GL ETO: Maritime Forecast to 2050 pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 OCIMF Northern Sea Route Navigation pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Arctic NOAA Arctic Report Card 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Chevron Marine Lubricants Methanol and marine lubricants in a lower Sulphur, lower emissions future pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Port of Vancouver Port Emissions Inventory Report pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 Oil and Gas UK Emissions reduced at UK’s offshore oil and gas industry pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 German Shipowners’ Association Shipping’s course towards a smaller carbon footprint pdf-icon-50x50
12/2017 ABS Use of supercapacitors in the marine and offshore industries pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 DNV GL Uptake of LNG as a fuel for shipping pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 EMSA Study of two hazardous substances (PFOS and HBCDD) included in the annexes of regulation (EU) 1257/2013 on ship recycling pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 IEA World Energy Outlook 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Cepsa Cepsa Energy Outlook 2030 pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 ICS, CMI Promoting maritime treaty ratification pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 PNAS Geophysical potential for wind energy over the open oceans pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 CCS China Emission Control Areas Implementation pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 OPEC World Oil Outlook pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Carbon War Room Preparing shipping banks for climate change pdf-icon-50x50
11/2017 Carbon Tracker Demand drop could shut quarter of global refining capacity in 2⁰C world pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 AMSA Status on implementation of the AMSA 2009 Report Recommendations pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 CAAP Clean Air Action Plan - Final pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 InfluenceMap Corporate capture of the UN IMO: How shipping lobbies to stay out of the Paris Agreement on climate pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 ICCT Greenhouse Gas Emissions from global shipping, 2013-2015 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 IMO Regulating speed: a short-term measure to reduce maritime GHG emissions pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 IEA Global Gas Security Review: How is LNG Market Flexibility Evolving pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 ExxonMobil 2017 Outlook for Energy: A view to 2040 pdf-icon-50x50
10/2017 Transport & Environment Statistical analysis of the EEDI of new ships pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 BSR Clean Cargo Working Group 2016 Global Maritime Trade Lane emissions factors pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 Danish Shipping The little blue book on ballast water pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 DNV GL Energy Outlook Report 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 ICCT Distribution of air pollution from oceangoing vessels in the Greater Pearl River Delta, 2015 pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 Panasia PSCO inspection under IMO BWMC pdf-icon-50x50
09/2017 Port of Los Angeles Inventory of Air Emissions pdf-icon-50x50
08/2017 ABS Best Practices for Operation of BWMS pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 Port of London Authority Towards an air quality strategy for the Thames pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 Boston Consulting Group Promoting Gender Balance in Oil and Gas pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 DNV GL DNV GL NOx TIER III Update pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 KBC White paper: The IMO’s 2020 marine fuel Sulphur cap and challenges for the global refining industry pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 ABS Advisory on Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 IEA Gas: Analysis and forecasts to 2022 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 Hong Kong’s Environment Bureau Clean Air Plan for Hong Kong: 2013-2017 progress report pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 CE Delft Estimated Index Values of Ships 2009-2016 pdf-icon-50x50
07/2017 Oceana Towards a coherent, well-managed network of EU Marine Protected Areas by 2020 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Port of Helsinki Safety manual on LNG bunkering procedures for the Port of Helsinki pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 European Commission Study on differentiated port infrastructure charges to promote environmentally friendly maritime transport activities and sustainable transportation pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 European Environment Agency The Arctic environment: European perspectives on a changing Arctic pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 European Commission Towards an implementation strategy for the Sustainable Blue Growth Agenda for the Baltic Sea Region pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 Statoil Future Perspectives 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 IMO The GloBallast Story: Reflections from a Global Family pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 American Club Protecting the Marine Environment pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 ICS UN SDG 14 : Conserve and sustainably use the oceans pdf-icon-50x50
06/2017 DNV GL Low carbon shipping towards 2050 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 Bureau Veritas VeriFuel Investigating Analysis of Marine Fuel Oils: Pros & Cons pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 AMAP Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 IEA Tracking Clean Energy Progress 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
05/2017 WWF Hudson Strait Mariner’s Guide pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 Alfa Laval Bilge water compliance issues pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 ICCT Alternatives to heavy fuel oil use in the Arctic pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 ABS LNG Regasification Vessels pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 IGU World LNG Report 2017 pdf-icon-50x50
04/2017 DNV GL, Sustainia Sustainable Development Goals: Exploring Maritime Opportunities pdf-icon-50x50