The Port of Rotterdam’s top priorities are still safety and ensuring that processes in the port area run efficiently. No major nautical incidents occurred in the port during 2017, and even though the number of ship movements increased, the number of minor incidents was lower than in previous years.

Allard Castelein, CEO of the Port of Rotterdam Authority, mentioned:


The Port Authority wants to develop the port into the foremost location where the energy transition can take shape. To realise this ambition, it is following an ‘and-and’ strategy: it not only facilitates existing, fossil-based industrial parties in the reduction of their CO2 footprint; it is also investing heavily in the development of sustainable, circular and bio-based industries and renewable energy.

The Port of Rotterdam wants also to further invest in the development of new digital services. It will focus on improving logistics processes in the port area and logistics chains that run in Rotterdam. This attempt aims to facilitate companies and make processes more efficient.

Furthermore, the Port of Rotterdam reported a strong increase in container throughput, of 12.3%. Total cargo throughput increased by 1.3%, with total tonnage rising from 461 million to 467 million tonnes.

For more information about the Port of Rotterdam's performance in 2017, see the following PDF