The two parties will implement the Port Optimizer at marine terminals including Total Terminals International and Long Beach Container Terminal for a two- to three-month pilot.


Port Optimizer is cloud-based software that aims to improve supply chain performance and predictability by delivering real time data-driven insights through a single portal to operators. Using data from across the port, combining machine learning and deep domain expertise, it helps the supply chain monitor and respond to dynamic conditions, align people and resources, and communicate across functions.

Laurie Tolson, Chief Digital Officer for GE Transportation, noted:

The pilot brings tremendous opportunity for the San Pedro Bay ports customers and supply chain partners. With container volumes on the rise, the world’s ports are moving more cargo than ever, making the need for operations optimization even more critical. A uniform, common user portal, like our Port Optimizer solution, will enable stakeholders to make scheduling, planning and payment decisions prior to cargo arrival, as well as reduce delays during each handoff between nodes in the supply chain.