In 2017, MedCruise membership accommodated 25,9m cruise passenger movements. This is 18% higher comparing to a decade earlier, as the cruise passenger movements recorded in 2008 did not exceed 21,9 million. In 2018, the total number of passenger movements is expected to be above 27m.


Regarding cruise ship calls, MedCruise Ports recorded 12.139 in 2017, a 22% decrease comparing to the 15.475 cruise calls of 2008. The trend of cruise vessels becoming bigger in size, plays an important role in the decline in cruise calls. 2017 was the third consecutive year that the average number of passengers per cruise call in the Med and its adjoining seas was higher than 2.000.

MedCruise President Airam Díaz Pastor, mentioned:

The statistics of 2017 reveal the positive features in several parts of the Mediterranean and its adjoining seas. We all work to support members in their efforts to invest and attract more cruise activities in the MedCruise region and are committed to develop the strategy voted by the General Assembly in October 2017 to further enhance the position of MedCruise ports and the Association itself in the cruise industry.

You can read the full report in the PDF herebelow