Gilberto Rubini, Global Sales Manager – Business Development, Ecospray Technologies presentation during the 2015 GREEN4SEA Forum


In the marine industry, in order to comply with emissions limits and to meet operational situations, Ecospray offers ECO-EGC™, a proprietary multi-pollution Exhaust Gas Cleaning system, developed to allow ship-owners to fully comply with IMO regulations in ECA’s.  This solution ensures no polluting discharges into the sea as well as no particulate and PAH in the combustion fumes that differently will fall back down from the air into the sea.

ECOSPRAY develops, designs and markets innovative technologies for air and gas cleaning or gas cooling in many industrial applications & power generation plants.  In the marine industry Ecospray propose ECO-EGC™, a proprietary multi-pollution cleaning system, which allows ship-owners to fully comply with IMO regulations in ECA’s, without the use of chemical reagents but only sea water.

ECO-EGCTM systems comprises the pre-treatment of the exhaust gas through a patented Catalytic Dry Filter ECO-CDFTM or ECO-DOCTM (Diesel Oxidative Catalyst reactor) installed downstream of the turbocharger. After the filter, the EGC system is completed with a DeSOx sea water tower specifically designed to remove SO2 with performance > 99%. The quantity of the seawater injected is controlled by engine loads and SO2 removal performance at the funnel, this allow good energy saving. The tower compact design allows to replace the existing silencer and does not require funnel modification. With in-line tower, the performances always meet IMO requirements and allow the use of HFO instead of MGO.

 Catalytic dry filter or oxidation catalyst ensures the removal at the funnel outlet of:

  • Soot, Ashes and Particulate
  • Unburned Hydrocarbons and PAH
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Heavy Metals

The DeSOx tower installed downstream of the CDF or DOC virtually reduces to zero the emissions of sulphur dioxide (SO2) at the funnel outlet and simultaneously assures that PH, turbidity and PAH  in the wash water discharge fully comply with the IMO limits.

DeSox tower

Where open loop is not allowed, such as in the port of Antwerp where you cannot discharge water at all, we suggest the hybrid option.  ECO-SOx™ Hybrid type consists of a dual stage tower installed downstream the CDF or DOC.  In Open Loop mode only the upper stage of the tower works for removing the SO2 using seawater injection.

In Closed Loop mode the gas flow is treated only in the bottom stage, named MKW (wet filter), while the second one operates dry.  The SO2 is removed through the injection of fresh water added with NaCO3 or NaOH to maintain sufficient alkalinity in the recirculating stream of the liquids and allow optimum DeSOx performance. Conductivity, density and pH of the recirculation flow are the parameters that control the injection. MKW stage blow-down can be treated either onboard by appropriate wash-water treatment systems or stored for future disposal. The recirculation liquid is cooled down to reduce the exit gas temperature and avoid white plume at the funnel. Also Hybrid EGC system is designed to replace the existing silencer.

Hybrid Option

In general, we cannot install a scrubber when the ship is at service. In order to achieve this, we offer a tailor made solution which requires a special design; each single scrubber piece should be as small as possible and fabrication tolerances must be very tight. In about 3 weeks a group of 4-6 installers can assemble all the scrubber parts with the ship in-service.


The compact design of ECO-SOx scrubber allow to fairly solve space restriction. DeSOx tower excellent noise attenuation allows to replace the existing silencer in the same position and space, as well the use of the silencer supporting structures minimizes on board modifications. DeSOx tower weight is similar to the silencer one, thus very limited or no additional weight has to be considered.  All a.m. features mean shorter time and cheaper cost of installation. Moreover, an integrated exhaust fan can be provided according to the maximum back pressure required by diesel engine

scrubber onboard




Above article is an edited version of Gilberto Rubini's presentation during the 2015 GREEN4SEA Forum

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About Gilberto Rubini

Global Sales Manager – Business Development, Ecospray Technologies

G RubiniGilberto graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 1982 at Politecnico of Milan.

He has more than 30 years of professional experience in international/multinational companies in the environmental business, specifically in air treatment for many industrial sectors.

He gained a strong experience in international sales as from 2000 he followed many foreign markets (Swiss, France, German, Italian); he held growing roles by some international key-players in air treatment and pollution business.

Since 2014, he joined Ecospray Technologies an Italian company specialized in in the research, design and commercial development of innovative solutions for air/gas treatment with a specific expertise of Exhaust Gas Cleaning systems for the marine industry. Gilberto covers the position of Global Sales Manager and Business Development


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