The MoU was signed on the occasion of Mr. Brian Mikkelsen's visit to Mexico. The MoU is however part of the strategic partnership agreement that Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, and the Mexican president signed in April 2017. The partnership is expected to solidify the economic and political ties between the countries by further strengthening maritime cooperation.

Brian Mikkelsen, Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs, stated:

Mexico is an important emerging economy and a significant maritime nation, and it is therefore a great pleasure to sign this MoU on maritime issues with Mexico. There is no doubt that the Blue Denmark with all its qualities will add a lot of constructive elements to our cooperation with other countries, and I am sure that the same goes for Mexico’s maritime sector.

This is the latest of a series of maritime agreements that Denmark has inked in the last months, in line with its vision to become an international maritime hub.


In September, Danish Maritime and the Shipbuilding Information Centre of China (SICC) signed an MoU in Qingdao, China, to collaborate on ballast treatment development which will lead to wider links between the countries’ maritime technology sectors.

In October, Denmark signed with Japan, aiming to strengthen cooperation in key areas of shared interests, such as the environment, digitalisation and quality shipping.

In the area of safety, an authority-to-authority cooperation was initiated in November between the maritime administrations in Denmark and Ghana to contribute to enhanced safety at sea and to develop the maritime sector in Ghana.

Later in the same month, the governments of Indonesia and Denmark agreed to further strengthen bilateral partnership, to boost economic cooperation and to address global challenges and opportunities such as climate change, green growth and sustainable development.

Aiming to become a front-runner in the area of shipping digitalization, Denmark recently expanded cooperation with South Korea, seeking to enhance global marine navigation systems and develop technologies for automated ships. In line with its Blue Denmark vision, DMA issued a report highlighting regulatory barriers of autonomous ships and asking for an international regulation regarding their implementation.

In early 2018, the Danish Government released its new Plan for Growth in the Danish Maritime Sector, which has as a goal to position the country as a global maritime hub by 2025.